Landed House

Gardray series—GR60 were install by our professional team at the landed house. This type of window film can reject the ultraviolet up to 99% and reject Infra-red up to 80%.

Condo Silver @ Amber

In order to better serve the customer, our company has special installation works.

Project : ITE Headquarter AMK

Privacy window film installation can make you more peace of mind at home for private events. Also can improving the safety of private residential and commercial.

HDB Segar Road

After install window films , can balances temperature in your home or office. Then will reduce energy costs all year round. Also can protect furnishing and flooring from fading .

Project : Nee Soon South Community Club

We offer high level installation services. Our installer are experienced and highly skilled workmanship.

Project : Jurong Police Station Headquarters

Our company in addition to installation in residential area. We also have to undertake setup project.